Scratch & Dent Vigilante Silver Sting™ MSRP: $79.99 Ping Pong Paddle Racket Bat

The Silver Sting™ by Vigilante Products Inc.
This listing is a for a Scratch & Dent version of this paddle. There is not major damage, but they cannot be sold as new so we are selling them at a major discount. The most obvious issue is slight rippling/unsmoothness in part of the rubber and although this does not really affect its performance we do not want to risk unsatisfied customers. Our occasional scratch and dent listings are very popular and offer a great value. Check our feedback to see for yourself! Thank you!

The power of Silver has been revered and advanced throughout the ages from Apollo's bow to Van Helsing's bullets and now you can wield its unparalleled might. The Silver Sting ™ is a light weight paddle that best suits the active, versatile player. Our proprietary "Streamline" formulated foam improves power and control so that you still get the force and stability of heavier paddles without the added weight. Sting the ball, sting the corners and leave your opponents no choice but to compete for the silver with the Vigilante Silver Sting ™ . MSRP: $79.99




7 Ply


95 Overall


2.0 mm


Pips In, both sides

Playing Style

Control, Power

Note: We are a licensed
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