Scream 6 FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER 1974 Skywald Terror Mag.

SCARCE 1974 HORROR MAGAZINE: SCREAM ! This Auction Includes:
SCREAM #6, original terror magazine spotlighting the supernatural and occult and the salacious content in a way that the comic-size publications could not match, because these larger format periodicals where not inhibited by the Comics Code Authority. For example, this sordid issue is listed out in the Overstreet Guide for its lurid "classic GOOD GIRL ART", and has tales such as "Saga of the Victims, Who Is Horror?", and includes numerous evil minions and ghouls and vampires, including the awesome DRACULA leads story, plus it has articles about the monster films, and the Edgar Allen Poe inspired "Ms. Found In A Bottle", plus the NOSFERATU feature, and a chilling story about Frankenstein's Monster, and much more!

Cover art by "Faba" is incredible, with an awesome image of a Christopher Lee-esque Vampire Hunter, plus the skull in his hands, and the ever-popular cheesecake image of the young woman in negligee in the background!

Ms. Found In A Bottle, (great for any Edgar Allan Poe fan!) (This elusive issue was promoted on the cover with the tag-line "Who Killed Frankenstein's Monster!") . All beautifully illustrated just like in the pre-code horror comics from over fifty years ago, except these are in black and white. Overall dimensions are a large 8.5" x 11";
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