SCRIMSHAW TOOTH Barquentine Mercator Ship

This is a second generation museum quality reproduction SCRIMSHAW TOOTH with greater detail than ever before. Teeth of this quality are made specifically for display at maritime museums w real scrimshaw is unavailable due to rarity and laws, and is extremely high priced. They are not toys or souvenirs but made for display from a marble dust high density museum resin. This tooth captures the BEAUTY, FEEL and AUTHENTICITY of 19th Century Scrimshaw and I have sold these to maritime museums. This is a museum REPRODUCTION - is brand new and - is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. It has the same weight and feel of real scrimshaw and looks great in a nautical collection at a much better price than real scrimshaw. It is a second generation casting w the detailing techniques have been refined are virtually indistinguishable from authentic teeth that price in the $1000's of dollars. All reproduction teeth prior to these were first generation castings with great detail but these and even higher quality.

Ship Mercator and Siren on Rocks

This is a SCRIMSHAW TOOTH 6"long x 2 1/2" wide showing the Ship Mercator on one side. The reverse side shows a siren playing a musical lyre as she sits on rocks. Root cavity also appears authentic.


The barquentine Mercator lies at anchor in Ostend , Belgium . She was named after
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