Scruples Whippet Rescue Teddy Bear - Hector

Scruples Whippet Rescue Teddy Bears

It is with much gratitude we are able to offer these magnificent Mohair Bears. They were lovingly created by Maggie Cee who gave of her time so freely to help animals that were in need of a loving home. I personally only knew Maggie for a short while and what a wonderful woman she was. She kindly fostered Scruples Alfie for us since the summer, who absolute adored her and was a very loyal dog, even of course, sleeping with her every night.

It came as a huge blow that Maggie was taken from us so sudde nly. With the blessing of her daughter Debbie, we would like to Auction the following Teddy Bears in her memory.

The Teddy Bears are 20cm in height except for one (Smokey Jo) is 14cm and have moving arms and legs. As a unique feature all the Teddies have been given names of Scruples Adopted dogs. You never know we might have chosen your Adopted Dog’s name! Each Teddy comes with a Scruples Tag with his/her name around their neck.

Scruples Whippet Rescue is a registered Charity (1147613).

Therefore you can be assured that all monies raised from the sale of our goods will be used to help us continue to rescue and re home whippets.