Scrypt-Litecoin Mining Contract 110MH/s - 48 Hour Contract

This contract is for 48 hour mining with a 110MH/s scrypt miner
Buyers will need: Mining pool address and worker name/password Make sure your pool address and worker/password is correct. A backup pool is recommended Loss of mining time due to wrong details will not be compensated. Once payment is made please contact us with the above details.
We will then contact you when the contract has started.
Contact me with any questions or if you need help.
If you don't have the below then do not buy
PayPal accounts must be verified and have a confirmed address. Same customer name must be on PayPal and eBay. Buyer must have minimum of 25+ positive feedback within 12 months. 10+ feedback in the past 3 months. Any suspicious Any fraudulent payments will be cancelled and refunded. Usernames blocked and reported if any fraudulent payments are found. ID may be needed to identify buyers with payments.