Scuba Tank Repair Tool

Don't scrap that leaking scuba tank, use the Tank Saver to recondition it.

Up for sale is a Tank Saver II hand tool. Extend the life of your SCUBA Tank in just 10 minutes with The Tank Saver II. It takes less than ten minutes to use The Tank Saver II. Just unscrew the primary valve, screw in The Tank Saver II and twist! It is that simple to save a leaking scuba tank. The Tank Saver II pays for itself with just two uses!
Aluminum air tanks used for SCUBA diving eventually leak! Air leaks eventually occur because the O-ring cannot maintain an air tight seal. The seal is weakened by a corrosion of the metal around the rubber O-ring, Once the seal weakens, leakage increases with time. Any tank will experience this problem, but it is most apparent in tropical conditions, with warm, salty water to fuel and speed up the corrosion.
Most tanks are simply thrown away! Simply scraping the corrosion away will create a space to large for the O-ring to fill, which only makes the problem worse. Since a leaking tank is a dangerous one, most tanks are simply thrown away... until The Tank Saver.
Shipping and handling is a flat rate of $3.50 to the 48, others to pay slightly more. I will ship within one business day after payment. Please check out my feed backs.
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