ScubaPro UWATEC Never Lost Navigation System Diver Boat

ScubaPro UWATEC NeverLost Navigation System Diver Unit and Boat Unit New in Box
NEW in Box with instruction manual in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Italian. New old stock 1999 and 2000. Never used. Not tested. Swiss made.
This two-piece unit -- a stationary transponder and a roving receiver (you fix the transponder at point of entry and carry the receiver) -- will ensure you'll get back to wver you started regardless of visibility conditions, currents or plain old mindlessness.
All calculations are computer-controlled in real time and displayed in an easy-to-read LCD.
Distance information is also displayed. With an operating distance of 1,000 feet, the Never Lost will work for just about every dive plan you've got, and up to 30 receivers can be linked to a single transponder, making it ideal for dive-boat operations.
As for operating the Never Lost, point it in the general direction you came from and then adjust the track until the maximum number of signal bars is attained.
The unit will display distance in feet or meters and a compass bearing.
Retail price is $250 for the receiver and $200 for the transponder.
The Uwatec Neverlost, which has just been voted Innovation of the Year 2000 by Diver readers clearly impressed by the concept, promises to make this easy. It comprises a
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