Sculptural Israeli Abstract Expressionist Cityscape - Shmueli

Abstract Expressionist painting on canvass signed SHMUELI. The painting measures 16 x 12 inches and is unframed. There are a number of Israeli artists named Shmuel who worked in abstract style during the midcentury, and this painting appears to be by one of them. Shmuel Hilsberg is one possibility, as his works are known to be occasionally done on unusual materials (e.g. wood) , and feature highly textured surfaces.

The painting here appears to be a very thick, textured layer of gesso that has been impregnated with very find sand, and then painted with oil or acryllic paints. I believe that it dates from the 60s. The painting is in good unrestored condition, with the exception of a small area near the lower center that requires touchin. Unframed.