Sea Queen Stamped Metal Boat 1950,s with original box

This Auction is for a Stamped Steel Painted Sea Queen Boat with the original box it came in.

The boat is about 9.5" long and 3" wide


A Sea Queen Boat No. 56 with a flywheel driven propeller (the drive system no longer works). The boat's paint and flag on the front is very good. but the anchor on the back deck is ready to fall off. The method of spinning the flywheel is missing. (some kind of crank??) The original box has "Sea Queen Boat With Siren" "Japan" "CRASSTAN TOYS" and"1234" printed on it. The box has one corner that is not properly stapled together (looks like it has always been that way) This boat was likely purchased around 1950 to 1956 and I have no idea why I still have the box. Buyer Pays Shipping.