SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece Scuba Diving Snorkeling CL 3

SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece

The SeaCURE Custom Mouthpiece molds to fit your mouth, teeth, gums and jaws! It is scientifically designed by an orthodontist to use you entire jaw for maximum retention and control of the mouthpiece-regulator unit of your SCUBA equipment...without jaw fatigue and headache pain sometimes experienced with conventional mouthpieces.

See below to get the right size for your Regulator

When purchasing please make sure you are ordering from the correct listing.

- fits standard orifice regulators that have a conventional mouthpiece retention lip.
APOLLO, AQUA LUNG older metal regulators, ATOMIC, BEUCHAT Evolution, iceberg & Nitrox , VXT8, VXT Octo, VX4, BRIDGESTONE, CRESSI-SUB(except Ellipse uses a Pro II- pull out the yellow insert), DACOR after 1992 (cannot use with Aero), DIVE BUDDY, IST (except Prolineis a II), NDS, OCEAN MASTER, PRO SUB, SAEKO-LINE, SAS, SCUBA PRO, SEAC, SHERWOOD (most early models/Brut/Shadow/MagnumII/Oasis/pre 1992 Blizzard), TABATA/TUSA (not TUSA Imprix)
- fits intermediate size air orifice regulators.
ABYSS Explorer, AERIS, APEKS (ATX 200 works better with a Pro II), AQUA LUNG Titan + Legend, BEUCHAT VS8,VS4,VS3,VX10, DACOR Viper +Eagle, DIVE RITE, FORTE, HALCYON REBREATHER, MARES-newer models (but
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