Seagate ST-4096 5.25" FH 80MB Hard Drive. Weights 6.5 lb! VINTAGE!

Seagate's 80MB vintage Hard Drive ' The capacity is high. The price is not. '

Y ou are bidding on 1 (one) original, absolutely unique piece of computer history: Seagate Hard Drive, Model ST-4096, with a whopping capacity of 80 MB (Megabytes).

Current Prices for this Hard Drive model, ranges from $385.00 ( here ), to $449.00 ( here ), and much HIGHER!

From the advertisement:

'If you have a voracious appetite for computer storeage, Seagate's ST4096 is the drive for you.

This full-height 5.25" drive features a full 80 megabytes of formatted storage capacity, compared to other drives that format down to 72MB. With capacity this high, the ST4096 is ideal for heavy database or spreadsheet applications.

If it's a multiuser system you have in mind, the ST4096 offers a speady 28ms access time for quick system response."

Original advertisement for this Hard Drive, can be viewed, for example here


The Drive was taken out from the working system, but it was many, many years ago, so I don't know the working condition as of today. Cosmetically, it looks great - please examine the detailed pictures, and ask questions before bidding.


Manufacturer: Seagate Model: ST-4096 Capacity: 80 MB Speed: 3600 RPM Access speed: 28 ms Height: Full-height 5.25" Weight: 6.5
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