SEAL ABA tactical vest American Body Armor NR not MOLLE

Attention Ebay, this is a collectable military item. It is not in violation of any Ebay policy. It is made of fabric and can not be made into anything dangerous. Please do not remove this auction. Thanks

You are bidding on a lightly used Navy SEAL ABA (American Body Armor) modular tactical vest. This type of vest was used by SEALs and Special Forces during the late 80s and early 90s. The condition of this vest is perfect. Some of the snaps and zipper have a greenish color due to exposure of slat water, but all are in perfect working order. This version of the vest has detachable pockets that are held on with Velcro and snaps. The vest includes two pouches, one is black, the other is Olive color. One of the pouches has been modified to hold a radio, the others appear to be for 5 56 mags. These vest are very rare and hard to find in good condition. The mags shown in the pic are not included in this auction.

This item is genuine special forces used and not an airsoft copy/ knock off. I will sell overseas, but only if the buyers aggress to pay additional cost for tracking and insurance. It is sold as-is, if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Check my other auctions for American Body Armor, London Bridge Trading Company, Blackhawk, MOLLE, Eagle industries, Camelbak, SPEAR Tactical tailor items.