Sealed $500 Unsearched Box of Half Dollar Rolls Silver

One case a week will be up for auction until they are all gone!

This $500 unopened box contains 50 tight bank wrapped $10 shotgun rolls of U.S. half dollars. The box was sealed at the bank. They are "unsearched," meaning we have not gone through them to determine the quality of the coins inside. Our experience with these boxes has been that about three quarters of the coins will be "circulated" not one cull or proof.

40% silver clad halves and 90% silver halves are possible. Bicentennial Kennedy’s are likely. Franklin’s are obtainable. A Liberty would be a very exciting find! Error coins could be present. Dates vary as do mint marks.

You will receive $500 in US 50 cent coinage. Your chances of finding a coin more valuable than 50 cents are the same as ours. No guarantee you will find anything more than $500 in half dollar coins.

Have fun and best of luck in your search.

Free shipping to lower 48 US states only. Other buyers should email prior to bidding for an accurate shipping quote.