sealed 2 lp WILCO yankee foxtrot hotel 1st PRESS 1/5000

absolutely MINT
sealed 2 lp WILCO yankee foxtrot hotel
(sitting on a shelf since I pre ordered it in 2002 way before they made more of them,without the sticker etc)
first pressing of 5,000 (when the stampers were hot and fresh!)
sitting on a shelf since it came out!
NOT the LATER Sundazed reissue
SEE STICKER for verification/ authentication . 2002 Nonesuch Records/Sundazed LP 5161 180 GRAMS of goodness!
this is the one you need,in the shape you want! rarely does anyone let go of their original lp
never less, a sealed one...
is your chance to own a stunning sealed copy!
combine items won to save you on shipping costs
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THANKS! ANY question please email me asap!
I am trying to break your heart
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AMG Review by Zac Johnson

Few bands can call themselves contemporaries of both the heartbreakingly earnest self-destruction of Whiskeytown and the alienating experimentation of Radiohead 's post-millennial releases, but on the painstaking Yankee Hotel Foxtrot , Wilco seem to have done just

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