New Sealed! P90X Extreme Home Fitness 13 DVD Set+Guides

Brand New & Sealed P90X DVD Set & Guides

If you are looking to lose weight, be a new person, get ripped, and be more confident with yourself then this is the program just for you! I personally have been doing the program myself and I haven't felt or been in better shape in my life. Unlike some workout DVD's, Tony Horton is a great motivator and fun as a trainer. So if you are wanting to change your life, look no further.

What's in the Box?
12 DVD workouts, nutrition plan, fitness guide How to Bring It DVD, a calendar to track your progress.

The DVD Workouts
Each of the 12 highly diverse and intense DVD workouts focuses on either a specific set of muscle groups or a unique training technique.

Workout One: Chest & Back. This superset chest-and-back-blasting workout emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises--push-ups and pull-ups--to build strength and develop shape. The combination of these two push and pull movements will help you burn loads of calories while simultaneously attacking, strengthening, and developing multiple muscle groups. Workout Two: Plyometrics. Get ready to go airborne. Offering more 30 explosive jumping moves, this intense cardio routine will keep you in the air most of the time. Plyometrics, also known as jump training, has been proven to dramatically improve athletic
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