Thus as you can see above, I will selling off the "sealed" shotgun wheat penny rolls from my inventory and in the process of dong so, I will be providing pictures of the roll and end coins which in all cases will be the same coins that the winner of the auction will receive. So please take a good look at the photos before bidding! Returns will be accepted only if the item being returned is returned as shipping. Also note that acceptable returns are subject to a possible re-stocking charge of up to 25%. The starting bid for the roll pictured above will be $.99.

Shipping/packaging charges are $3.49 for one roll and shipping is limited to the United States . I will combine items (rolls) for shipping when possible and the cost for shipping two rolls will be $4.25 with the charge for shipping three rolls increasing to a maximum of $6.45. Additional rolls above three rolls will be included for the same $6.45 charge when possible with up to a maximum of ten broken rolls being shipped at this rate. (This of course applies only to broken rolls purchased during the same time frame). Please also note that we only accept

Thanks for looking, please take some time to check my other listings and as always, please remember to leave feedback! Any questions, please contact me and I will do my best to answer any and all that I can.