Seaplanes of the Caribbean (4) Matchbox SkyBusters

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~ ~ SEAPLANES of the CARIBBEAN ~ ~ This lot consists of four diecast model seaplanes from Matchbox SkyBusters series:
K7509 Island Air
J7415 Cessna Tours
J4705 Island Hopper K7515 Cessna (pirate)
These are brand new, never opened blister pack on cards.
Compare with other listings at $6.00 to $7.00 for any of these models individually.
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J4705 Island Hopper is 4 inches long with a 4 inch wingspan. White fuselage is trimmed in red, silver and gold with black underside.
Upper surface of wings are painted in gold with red outline and a lotus flower in white and purple on the port side.

K7509 Island Air is 3-1/3 inches long with a 4-1/4 inch wingspan. Blue fuselage is topped by twin engines on a white wing decaled with the name Island Air in white and blue with a wind surfer logo.

J4715 Cessna Tours is 3-1/2 inches long with a 4-3/4 inch wingspan. The fuselage is an
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