This is a set of 4 range burner covers. They have been hand painted with the Sears Merry Mushroom pattern and look really great. T are 2/ 10" and 2/ 8" covers. These are a great addition to the collection and are very well done. I will pack extra carefully. I have a collection of over 250 pieces in this line and will be listing them all. If antone is interested in buying the whole collection for $2,000. let me know and I will send a list. I have alot of very rare items so if you are looking for a particular piece ask me, if I have it I will set up a Buy It Now auction for you. T is a $3. charge for each box shipped and I will combine items and shiping whenever possible. Please purchase the shipping insurance and protect your investment. I will not be held responcible for the Post Office handling and damage. Check out my other auctions for other items in this line, more to come.