Sebatron VMP-1000e Tube Microphone Preamplifier Preamp

you are bidding on a sebatron vmp-1000e mic pre in great physical and perfect working condition. this pre is fantastic and adds a wonderful subtle glimmering halo to any sound source passed through it. absolutely essential for adding life and warmth to a dry and sterile daw mix or overhyped condenser mic. the auction includes a nos mullard 12at7 which brings the absolute best out of this pre. very low noise floor, superb clarity and dynamics, huge soundstage and dimensional placement of the sound source.

Each VMP channel consists of
> a transformer balanced microphone input for reliability, ease of use and sound quality
> individual phantom power with LED indication
> DI for direct instrument or line input
> passive switchable EQ for the extreme high and low registers - very practical when tracking
> a 12AT7 vacuum tube run at a proper high tension providing all of the active
> switchable PAD control which varies negative feedback around the valve, controlling colour
> solid state, discrete Class A output stage, powered by a high voltage rail for superior headroom and transient response
> switchable output phase
> XLR and TRS balanced outputs

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