SECRET AGENT 1936 Original Hitchcock 8 X 10 #2

SECRET AGENT (36) Original Hitchcock 8x10 #2

Secret Agent was one of Alfred Hitchcock's early successes, based on the Somerset Maugham novel Ashenden and starring John Gielgud as the British agent Richard Ashenden, along with Madeleine Carroll, Robert Young, and Peter Lorre as "The General." Gielgud and Carroll are out to nab an enemy spy, and the film includes many early "Hitchcock Touches" such as the one-note organist. This is a film that helped to set the stage for so many great spy films down the line, and it was a genre that Hitchcock returned to occasionally.

This still features Robert Young as Robert Marvin, and Madeleine Carroll embracing in a nice portrait shot. The still is in near mint shape save for tack and/or staple. Early Hitchcock material is very hard to find and this is a great opportunity to buy a piece of History. See our other stills from this film up for auction.

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