Secret Life of the American Teenager - Schneider

RIP Marshall Bowman! If you are a "Secret Life of the American Teenager" fan then YOU ARE GONA LOVE THIS! As far as I know this is the only place you can get a photo from this great show. Taken just before I went on that business trip never to return! This is you chance to own the last family portrait taken in that household. The photo is an 8x10 Glossy and it will have an original autograph by me right there on my shirt. I don't have many of these and they sell at autograph collector shows for $25.00 each! But... here at my store they are just $ 10.00 and the shipping, in the US, is FREE! Don't miss your chance to get this photo because when it's gone.. it's gone. I'm not going to have any more printed. See you on "90210"! John "Marshall Bowman" Schneider