Secret Mysteries 19 VG 4.0 1955 Horror

Free shipping for most raw comics shipped in the US. I don't charge handling fees for graded comics or comics shipped outside the U.S. I have forty (40) years experience buying and selling comic books. I understand how important grading is and how it relates to price. I use my experience, three (3) Overstreet grading guides and many professionally graded comics for comparison to come up with a grade. I also try to provide a brief description of major defects. It is difficult to grade a comic only from a scan and it is subjective even when professionally graded. I absolutely know what it feels like to receive a comic in the mail and it is not what was expected and experience disappointment. I certainly miss defects while posting comics and some people don't always agree with my grade. however, I want every person who purchases from me to be happy with the end result. I offer complete refunds if you are unhappy with my grade or I miss something. I work full time and can only make it to the post office once or twice a week. If I have a lot of auctions in any particular week it may take a day or two after payment to package and mail all of the comics sold that week. so if you win an auction on Thursday for example it may be Tuesday before it gets in the mail I try to ship as quick as possible while balancing my work schedule.