Beautiful 8X10 photo of 2 year old SECRETARIAT at Belmont Park in 1972! This photo was produced from the original 35mm slide of author/photo-journalist Raymond G. (Raymie) Woolfe, Jr. It comes from his personal collection of original shots dating back to 1972 and 1973. To insure that you are receiving an ORIGINAL print, the photo is embossed at the corner and will say “RAYMOND G. WOOLFE, JR. COLLECTION” with the letters “TRC” in the middle. The “TRC” stands for Thoroughbred Racing Collectibles, Inc., as we have obtained exclusive rights to market Mr. Woolfe’s original collection of SECRETARIAT photos.
Ray Woolfe wrote the book on SECRETARIAT……literally! Published in 1974, SECRETARIAT (ISBN 0-8019-6156-4) was and still is, a huge success. It was so popular, it was re-released as a second printing in 1975, a Limited Edition in 1991, an anniversary edition in 1998 and an updated edition done in 2001. No one, with the exception of SECRETARIAT’S closest connections, spent more time around the horse than Ray Woolfe. As chief photo-journalist for the Daily Racing Form in the 1970’s, Ray took hundreds of photos of SECRETARIAT on the track, off the track and in retirement.
The photo is beautifully produced on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper and is in mint condition. The embossed area of the photo is nearly invisible
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