Secretary of the Army Civilian Aide NYC Challenge Coin

This auction is for an AUTHENTIC and INCREDIBLY RARE NEVER SEEN BEFORE Secretary of the Army Civilian Aide NYC Walter Kaye Challenge Coin. This coin is incredibly hard to find and I have never seen another like it on Ebay. The coin has incredible 3D detail. This is an amazing coin and would be the focal point of any collection. This is an AUTHENTIC coin; it is not a reproduction or commemorative coin . It has great color and detail and would make a great addition to any collection. All of my coins are 100% authentic and were either presented to me by an individual within the organization or by the person on the coin (upper echelon individual command coins). These coins are the real deal as circulated within the military community. They are not for sale to the civilian community. I have served in the Army, Air Force, and Joint communities in assignments around the world. This is my retirement sale, and I'm scaling down many military items, please check back frequently for additional items. I do accept emailed offers as well.-------

This prestigious new position carries with it the equivalent rank of two and a half stars and the Civilian Aide is considered to be the Secretary of the Army's personal representative in his or her respective geographical area. The primary function of the Civilian Aide is to keep the Secretary apprised
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