SECRETS of LEGION of SUPERHEROES Lot (1981) - [DC Comics] *Complete Run*

SECRETS of the
♦ DC Comics (1981) ♦ * 1, 2, 3 (of three)

Issues are VF* and include bags and boards

This was DC's third foray into the world of the miniseries, and arguably its most revealing to date. A proven hit with the fans, the Legion of Super Heroes was a natural choice to follow Superman and Batman into the 3 issue mini series format. The star attraction of Superboy (who was proudly present on all covers) made the experiment even less of a risk for the company. Plotted by E. Nelson Bridwell and scripted by Paul Kupperberg, Secrets of the Legion of Super Heroes featured the art of penciller Jim Janes, inked by Dick Giordano on the 1st issue's cover. Giordano took up the pencils himself for the remaining two covers. The story centered around the Legion's mentor and financial backer R.J. Brande, who was on his deathbed due to a rare infection known as Yorrigan fever. Realizing the secret to Brande's cure could be within the Legion's computer files, Brande's old friend, Marla Latham began to research the origins of nearly every Legionairre. When he delved into the past of long term member Chameleon Boy, he found that the hero was actually Brande's son. With this major revelation out in the open, Chameleon Boy cured his father with a simple blood transfusion and began to mend a lifelong
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