Section Pliers for Fountain Pen Repair Sheaffer Parker

Fountain Pen Repair Section Pliers

Brand New, Never Used.

Why pay $25 for fountain pen section pliers at Fountain Pen Hospital when you can get the exact same thing for MUCH less. These pliers are used to safely remove the section (portion with the nib and feed) from the barrel...why would you do that? Have you noticed on ebay that many of the beautiful vintage fountain pens have bad ink sacs or is damaged in some way that disassembly would be required? These Section Pliers safely remove the section from the barrel allowing easy access for ink sac replacement.

For the Seller : If you sell pens, or have pieces from estate sales, you can quadruple your income on a pen by replacing the ink's a 5 minute procedure that could earn you extra bucks at the end of the auction.

For the Collector : Save big bucks by replacing the ink sac yourself...lots of folks on ebay are looking for vintage pens that write right out of the box and shy away from pens with a damaged ink sac.

A Perfect Example : A friend bought a nice looking Waterman Ideal with flex nib off ebay... the pen looked great, had the original box and everything....the only problem was that the ink sac needed replacement. What did it sell for? $27!!! He replaced the sac and made nearly 10x what he paid for it....and yes, this is
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