"SECURITY SAFE DEPOSIT" No. 3, cast iron safe bank. Keyser & Rex c. 1888. Painted black with gold accents. Seven pieces. 4 3/4"H, 3 3/4"W, 3 3/4"D. Listed in Iron Safe Banks , 1991, a publication of the SBCCA as No. 34. This bank has the earlier 1 dial combination lock. The lock is in excellent working condition. The combination is: Right 2E, Left 2D. The bank has the traditional patented Keyser & Rex money guard which, according to the catalog "will make the abstraction of money an impossibility". Faint impressed PAT MAR 1 87 on one swinging plate. The patented Keyser & Rex money guard has two swinging plates below the coin slot and a U shaped cast iron piece under and parallel to the coin slot. Coins can not be inserted straight down (they will be blocked by the U shaped piece) but must be moved toward the front or back to fall down into this bank. This aspect of the money guard is very important in Keyser & Rex banks which have a vertical coin slot and that have two upper drawers because of course the coin can not go straight down (it would hit the side of a drawer) but must be moved left or right to fall into one of the drawers.

Embossed on the bottom of this bank: 200 PAT.FEBY. 15 88 MAR.1 87. Impressed on bottom: 3

Excellent condition. All original including hinge pins. No breaks, repairs cracks,
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