MUST SEE!!! LINCOLN CENTS 1909-2020 Including Proof-Only Issues & FREE SHIPPING!

This is an amazing collection of Lincoln Cents full of beautiful pennies! From 1909-1958 the only missing penny is the 1909S-VDB. I am listing the other remaining that are missing at the bottom of this description. I am also including 7 pre-stamped post cards for the years 1914-1920 for a new FREE penny uncirculated that only requires you 2 mail it by April 1st of that year for you to receive a brand new uncirculated penny! I have not had any time to finish this so I want to help you finish it by sending a 20lbs of shiney pennies for you to sort through and hopefully complete this remarkable collection! These pennies are not perfect, but they are what I have been using to fill this album! I am sending 20lbs of completely unsearched for errors by me! And I can guarantee that this is a beautiful collection even without the 20lbs. I do not accept any returns, however, If you aren't completely satisfied with this purchase feel free to let me know and I can definitely do whatever it takes to change your mind!!!!
1965, 1969, 1970 small date, 1971, 1971D, 1971S, 1973S, 1974S, 1975S, 1977, 1977S, 1978, 1978D, 1978S, 1979S TYPE 1&2, 1980S, 1981S, 1982, UNSURE ABOUT THE ORDER OF ANY OF THE 1982'S, 1983S, 1984S, 1985S, 1986S, 1987S, 1988S, 1989S, 1990S, 1991S, 1992S, 1993S, 1994S, 1995S, 1
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