Seebohm 1896 British Bird Eggs - Extinct Great Auk

Thisoriginal chromolithograph is Plate 27 from thelast work of the noted British ornithologist Henry Seebohm - Coloured Figures of the Eggs of British Birds (1896) .

Seebohm was born in B radford , England . He was one of the first European ornithologists to accept the American trinomial system to classify sub-species.

Seebohm's other works included A History of British Birds (1883), The Geographical Distribution of the family Charadriidae (1887), The Birds of the Japanese Empire (1890) and A Monograph of the Turdidae (1898).

Organized by type: Shorebird, Songbird, and Bird of Prey and arranged by size, these egg plates are richly produced from a multitude of stones, allowing for subtle variation of color not commonly found in many egg prints. Historical text documentation accompanies the plate.

Size: 6 ½ ” x 10”

Condition: Excellent with very light spotting in margins – please examine image carefully.