Seeburg 1000 Background Music 7 Record Library Basic Qrtly Replacement 10/67

Here is a set of Seeburg 1000 Background Music Basic Library Quarterly Replacement Complete Set of 7 Records, property of Seeburg Music Library of Chicago 22, Illinois. The rare Seeburg 1000 Records are 16 2/3 rpm 9" Records with a 2" Center hole specially produced for the Seeburg Basic Compact 1000, BMS1, BMS2, BMC1 and Encore Players. The Complete of 7 Records are dated 10-1-1967, and include the following Red Label Records : BA-125AB, BA-105AB, BA-121AB, BA-109AB, BA-117AB, BA-101AB, and BA-113AB, are all labeled Basic - Property of Seeburg Music Library - Manufactured by RCA Custom Records, Place in Use 10-01-67. The Complete Set of 7 Records are in excellent to like new condition with with just a few light scratches and rubs found on some of the records with just a tiny amount of label wear, found in the wax sleeves, but not with the original shipping carton. The vintage Set of Seeburg 1000 Music Library Records look and display great, and would be a super addition to your collection!

The set was part of a collection of Vintage Seeburg Records that I found, and will gladly combine shipping to save you money!

Thanks for looking!