Seeburg 1000 Background Music System records - seven Basic Music Library records

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Here is a group of records for the Seeburg Background Music System phonographs. We are not experts in records and will let the photos be the best indication for interested bidders. These records have a large spindle hole (larger than a 45rpm record we believe) and play at 16 2/3. There are seven records in this group and each one has a deep red label. Each one has a number and also has "PLACE IN USE" and a date. The first numbers are 108, 112, 124, and 128- these have the date 7-1-69. The second numbers are 101 and 113- these have the date 10-1-69. The third number is 111- this has the date 12-26-69. Each record is in a sleeve- these are plain and may actually be cellophane rather than paper. The records appear to be in very good condition, though each might benefit from a gentle cleaning. A few have very minor rub marks. #101 has some more noticeable rub marks (though these still may not affect the play of the record). We examined each one and did not see major scratches. A nice group. PLEASE SEE our other eBay listings for more of these Seeburg records. We hope that the photos will help those who are interested. We will do our best to answer any questions. If you do have questions,
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