Seeburg Background Music Records (IND) DEC 62

Up for bid are 5 (INDUSTRIAL) Seeburg Background Music records. Labeled on the records as Seeburg Music Library, Inc. Records play at 16 2/3 RPM and were played on a Seeburg 1000 machine in 1959 thru the 80's, 90's. My dad operated the machines during that time and we would go to the business that housed the machines (we put in) every 3 months and change out a box of these records which came 7 to a box during the 70's. The number of records changed at each three-month interval was five (5) in the 60's. The industrial library consisted of medium-fast tempo music of a lively nature,to induce workers to be more productive. This was perhaps the most varied and adventurous of the libraries; it contained polkas,mariachi music,twangy guitar,Hawaiian songs and even the occasional synthesizer. These records are in good to excellent condition but are used.. Numbered on one side as N05A,N10A,N15A,N20A,N25A with the reverse side being the B side. Records are separated with paper dividers. PLACE IN USE 12-26-62 is noted on the records. Just want to mention some of these records have the "Place in Date" on the label marked through with black,(not sure why this was done) however, if you're familiar with these records,the record # and date is engraved in the record itself, so you will be getting a complete set. Two in this set are marked thru. I ... read more