Seeburg Jukebox Select-O-Matic M100C Happy Days Style

Seeburg Jukebox Select-O-Matic M100C Happy Days Style

Up for auction is a Seeburg Select-O-Matic M100C jukebox.

I have owned this for about 30 years. The entire time I have owned it was has lived in the corner of our family room. We hardly played it, but always got dusted on a regular basis. I'm tired of dusting it, so up for sale it goes!

The last time I tried to play it, it would pick the record up, put the needle on the record, and then think it had played it and the needle would lift off the record. From what I have heard the fix for this is easy, but I have no idea how to do, this will be for the new owner to figure out. I plugged it in before writing this listing and now it just continually scans, won't pick a record at all, buttons can be depressed but don't actually make a selection. You can see that the blue cover inside the jukebox and the select button light up. The legs lights did also flash, but since I can't get it to play music I couldn't get a picture of those lights.

The 45's that are pictured in it DO NOT come with it.

As you can see this is not in perfect condition. The 2 plastic leg covers are different colors. I was told it's because one of the covers spent some time in a smoke filled bar, I have no idea if this is true. As far as I can tell the legs do not have any
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