Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100 Jukebox Arcade HF100R

Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100 You are bidding on a jukebox that came out of a basement in Elgin, IL. This machine was in playing condition 5 years ago. It has not been played since. It has seen no repair men or collectors. It is in restorable condition but needs a lot of work. You are buying a restoration project. Unfortunately, the front glass has a BB hole in it. T is no repairing that. The top side glass on the left is missing completely and the one on the right is intact. Two of the five glass panels on the bottom appear to be in decent condition. One is missing and the other two are broken (see photo). The buttons look like they are all in good shape and I do believe the machine is 100% complete since it was definitely playing as little as 5 years ago. From what I can tell, the speakers appear to be in nice shape and as a novice, it looks to me like t are few tubes missing from the amplifier (see photo) but I have no idea if they were ever t It also appears as though t is a box or mechanism missing out of the coin mechanism (see photo). Once again, I am told the machine was playing as little as 5 years ago. I have no reason to believe that was a lie. The plastic panel that says Select-O-Matic over the record changing system has fallen off but comes with the machine. I have keys for all of the locks except for the coin box door. ... read more