Seeburg Symphonola Manual 146 -148

Seeburg Symphonola Manual 146 -148
Complete Service Manual for Symphonola
Models 146 147 & 148
Contains Service, Parts & Troubleshooting
Includes information on : Control System Theory of Operation Wallbox operation Cabinet wiring diagram Illustrated parts Coin mechanism Preparing for operation
Record Changer Drive gear installation Helix adjustment Motor carry over switch Needle alignment to edge of record Needle installation Record loading Record tray stop adjustment Trip off adjustsment Selector adjustments Tone arm adjustments Turntable speed variation Circuit diagrams Lubrication guide Motor Popularity meter
Electric selectors Cementing push button lens Credit & cancel assembly
Amplifier Parts Schematics Amplifier trouble shooting charts
Selection Receiver Parts Theory of operation Contact arm cleaning Adjustments Selection impulse amplifier Step switch asembly Pin cancel relay Play control relay Trouble shooting charts
Solenoid Drum Unit Theory of operation Operation & maintenance Adjustments Circuit diagrams Trouble shooting charts
Manual contains 300 pages with many foldout schematics.
Reprinted from material supplied
to the Seeburg distributors.