Up for auction is a VIRTUA TENNIS COLLECTIBLE ARCADE VIDEO. Cabinet is a gorgeous MIDWAY cabinet. THIS MACHINE IS IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION AND LOOKS GREAT! Perfect working joy sticks and control buttons. Sega Sports serves up red-hot action with Virtua Tennis FOR ONE OR TWO PLAYERS! Choose from some of the world's best ATP professional players!Sega's powerful system delivers graphics and game play that blur the line between fantasy and reality. Smash and dash, dump shots, shoestring saves, cross-court volleys and many other exciting tennis are painstakingly reproduced with clarity and precision. Joysticks, and grommets are perfect. Working Coin acceptors and dollar bill unit. This is the one that everybody wants. The monitor is 25 inch very clear, crisp, and bright. You can't go wrong! Game has coin acceptors if you want it to vend for quarters. It also has a working Mars dollar bill unit or can be set for free play. COIN OP OR FREE PLAY. Perfect machine for home, office, bars, restaurants, game rooms, coffee shops, etc. A WORD ABOUT OUR REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT:

We take great pride in offering completely refurbished machines that are as close to "NEW" as possible. Our refurbished machines have undergone an extensive testing and evaluation process by our team of experienced technicians to ensure ideal condition

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