Seiko Mickey Mouse Sunburst with TopHat Watch VERY RARE

I have listed this watch two times now. (Get it? "times" as in "a watch tells time "? I KILL me some times !) So, being the generous guy I am, I will drop my price by 15%. HOWEVER , if it doesn't sell this time , then I am keeping it. I really do think it is worth what I am asking, and I don't want to let it go even at that price, but I am letting the fates decide.

is my original description:

What a FIND! An extremely rare, and finely crafted time piece that will be a jewel in some lucky eBay-er's collection.

I bought this little gem way back in the early 1990s or so, when I bought my everyday watch, the more recognizable, and way more available Classic Sunburst that is often available on eBay. From my own recollection, t were at least four styles of Mickey Mouse Seiko watches that were such a success for Seiko in the late eighties and early nineties. T was the Gold Sunburst Classic Mickey Seiko , the Two-Toned, Silver and Gold Classic Mickey, (my personal favorite, but no sunburst) the Sports Version of the Gold Classic Sunburst , (also very rare,) and finally the watch I am offering, the Gold Sunburst "Top Hat" Mickey Seiko .

At the time , the Gold Sunburst "Top Hat" Mickey Seiko watch wasn't a very big seller. For one thing, even though it had the beautiful and very popular Gold Sunburst pattern, the

Today this watch is very much sought after by collectors around the world. While perhaps not as attractive as the Gold Sunburst Classic Mickey, it is usually one of the last found to complete the entire line of the Mickey & Co. Seiko watches of the era.

Now for the part w I tell you it was owned by a little old lady in Pasadena who only drove it to and from church on Sundays. This watch IS a Cream-Puff! I am the original owner of this watch, and it has been safely tucked away in the back of my closet for over fifteen years. I am only parting with it because quite frankly, I need the dough! I do want it to go to a good home, and while I am offering it at a premium price, I am doing so because I feel it is still a fair price, and I think it will be appreciated by a true collector who will take care of it as well as I have through the first fifteen years of it's life.

You know you want this little puppy, and I can tell you, you will be happy with it's overall condition. The only flaw is a mild dent in the cardboard box that the watch case comes in. I have already deducted from my asking price what I feel that flaw brings to this otherwise pristine time piece.

Shipping will be a flat rate of $5.50 anyw in the continental United States. Insurance is optional, but highly recommended. Anyw else I will need to check into, but I do not charge any extra for "handling" or any other off the wall charges. I buy my own packing materials, and pay my own eBay and Paypal fees. Would the proprietor of a "real" store ask YOU to pay HIS RENT for the building HE is doing business out of? Heck no! By the same token I will NEVER ask YOU , MY customer to pay MY fees for doing business on eBay. I think the sellers that do so should be run out of town on a rail, and I personally will not do business with ANY seller who states in his auction that I am responsible for HIS fees!

On other thing. PLEASE e-mail any questions at least 24 hours before the auction ends. I cannot tell you how many time s folks will e-mail me either hours before, or just at the closing of one of my auctions. I usually will not answer such e-mails because the auction has most likely closed by the time I see the e-mail.


You will be glad you did!

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