Self Painted Pony *CHIEF ADELVUNEGA TSULA* Custom

CHIEF A-DE-LV-U-NE-GA TSU -LA (SILVER FOX ) (* I have pictures of all the components on this pony, if you'd care to see them, please email me and I will be glad to send) Silver Fox had been the Peace Chief of his tribe for many years and his people had been at peace and prosperous for almost ten years now. They were farmers and craftsmen, but their main occupation was breeding fine horses. They were famous for their horses, many of which were used for racing. When he had been invited by a special Council of Elders to a huge peace meeting 6 moons ago he had also been asked to bring a pipe for a special Medicine Wheel Shield. He had been told that 12 Peace Chiefs from all the nations had been asked to come and participate in this Sacred Council Meeting, each bringing a special pipe for the shield. And so his craftsmen had designed a pipe conveying what they did best by putting a fine horse on it. Many of his people participated in the making of this fine pipe and it was filled with the peaceful spirit of his people. He was finally on his way to the meeting and he had donned his colorful head dress, his traveling bag and his personal shield. *This is a powerful medicine shield. The spirit of his totem animal, the silver fox, filled the sky. In the center the golden sun is rising, promising a new and bright dawn. Against the
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