Self Painted Pony *GENTLE SPIRIT* Artist Signed, Custom

GENTLE SPIRIT, guardian of all horses. GENTLE SPIRIT is the 1 st half of a love story. Watch for the 2 nd half in a few days. Long ago t was a young maiden, the daughter of a chief, who loved horses. Her name was Gentle Spirit. She cared for them when they were hurt and championed them when mistreated. Of course that did not happen often with her people as they all cared greatly for their horses. But sometimes, while on visits to other tribes, she had seen it happen. Often out riding with the wind whipping her hair behind her, she felt a freedom she had never known before. She would become one with her horse. Their spirits would merge and become total freedom. One day a handsome young brave from far away visited her small village and t was much feasting as the people listened to the tales of w he had traveled and he spoke of horses that no one had ever seen the likes of. His name was Touches the Sky and he and Gentle Spirit fell in love immediately. He stayed for 4 moons, spending time as much time as he could with Gentle Spirit. Finally it was time for him to return to his tribe in the hills far away across the great river. He had spoken with her father and promised to return in one year to marry Gentle Spirit. He would give many fine horses for her. The year passed quickly and Touches the Sky had returned last night as he had promised ... read more