Self Winding Gallery Clock, Model #10, OUTSTANDING,

Model #10 Self Winding Gallery Clock, In carved golden oak with original finish, in Excellent original condition, complete even with the BELL mechanism. The hands ,glass, pendulum bob , are all original and excellent. The 14.5" painted zinc dial is excellent and untouched. The case dimensions are 31"tall 19.5" wide and 7" deep. The door lock is functional and the inside of door still has both of the original paper instructions from manufacturer. The 120 beat movement is original to case as the serial numbers on the movement match the metal label on case, see pic. Take a good look at the original wiring and movement, It was just cleaned and serviced and all brass original points and contacts polished by Ken's Clock shop. The clock is still under kens warranty . Clock runs excellent and keeps time and synchronizes itself on the hour. The original bell assembly is intact and functional on top of clock, see pic. The only new item on this clock is the wire from the synchronizing function that goes through the top of the case to the bell, this small straight wire is supposed to ring the bell, but it does not. Repair guy is pretty sure that slight adjustment will solve prob and allow the bell to strike, and I believe him,but I have not had the time to experiment, and my wife does not share the same love of bells that I do. It has also been ... read more