Selling my 1958 YASHICA 44 TLR Camera Twin Lens-Reflex for 127 Film with Orig le

For your consideration here is a beautiful vintage Yashica 44 TLR Camera. A very eye catching twin lens design. Made in Japan and introduced in 1958 this camera has a very solid build quality and produces very crisp images. This is a small twin-lens reflex camera that was modeled after the popular "gray baby" Rolleiflex. It produces about 12 exposures each 4x4 cm square on a roll of 127 film. 127 film is readily available from online retailers so you can still shoot with this great gem. This is a wonderful example of this camera. It includes the original metal Yashica twin lens cap. The camera is in great working condition showing only light wear on the body, finish and covering, mostly from age. There is some very slight cracking and discoloration on the front camera skin but it is purely cosmetic. Please read the full description and view all photos for details. The camera was tested and all functions seem to work. The Copal SV shutter shutter speeds range 1 to 1/500 seconds plus B (Bulb) and appears to fire correctly at all times. Both the f-stop dial and shutter speed dial function properly. The timer also still functions as well. Focus is nice and smooth. All other knobs turn and function as they should. The film advance crank folds out nicely and has a great feel. The film compartment is extremely clean. The lenses are 3-element ... read more