Sencore MU150 Mutual Conductance GM Tube Tester MU-150

Sencore MU150 Continental Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester. Sencore's top of the line. One of the few testers that tests for both Emissions and Mutual Conductance. The Sencore Continental is designed to fulfill the need for a fast accurate tester that will detect even the slightest problem in a tube. This tester includes a full load emission test, a tube life expectancy test, a high sensitivity grid leakage test, a stethoscopic shorts test & a true dynamic mutual conductance test. This tester will test more tube types than most tube testers and will test nearly 3000 tube types including: 7 pin, 9 pin, octal, loctal, compactron, novar, magnaval, nuvistor & 10 pin decal. All tests and functions are working well. I tested many tubes including 12AX7, 6L6, 6V6, 6146, 7F7, 6AU6, 6CA7, and more. The meter movement is excellent and the pins in the sockets are tight. The tester seems to be calibrated well. I compared dynamic mutual conductance readings to my calibrated TV-7D/U testers on the same tubes and the readings were right on. I also checked both tubes in the tester (OB2 & 12AU7) and they test excellent. Cosmetically, the tester does show some light wear, t is some light rust on the exterior metal. See photos. Also included is the original tubes settings manual and a photocopy of the operating instructions.