Sensenich Bros. Propeller, wood, Model 43K10107

This is a Sensenich Brothers propeller (Lititz, PA) which belonged to my great uncle, who served in WWII. I honestly know nothing more about its specific background than that.
Following is exactly what is stamped into the top of its center section:
MODEL 43K10107
SER. NO. AF43-D-3501
As I understand it, the 43K component of the SN indicates this prop was built under military contract. It was likely manufactured somew in the mid-1940s.
Overall length: 72"
Max blade width: 5.25"
Center section, outer diameter: 6.125"
Center section, inner diameter: 2.25"
Please note:
~ As I hope you can clearly see in the photos, one of this propeller's blades has a substantial fracture from an apparent impact. This has somewhat splintered the wood and runs most of the length of the one blade. Amazingly, the blade's metal (brass?) edging t is completely intact.
~ Again as I hope the photos indicate, one of the sides of the head looks to have been chiseled out. For what reason I do not know, but no doubt this was not done at the factory.
~ That said, one of the blades and one of the sides of the head are in good, albeit slightly rustic, condition.
Please contact me if you'd like to see more photos, and/or if I can try to respond to any questions.
Also, please do not expect
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