Sepia Photo Stereoview Hero Romey 1889 Johnstown Flood

Up for Auction, 1890's Sepia Photo Stereoview, "No. 4025, The Famous Dog Romey, Hero of the Great Johnstown Flood", by C. H. Graves, Publisher Philadelphia. When Mrs. Kress, a Domestic and Child slipped off the the roof they were clinging to the Kress's Newfoundland dog plunged into the water and saved all 3 of them. This is the only visual record of one Johnstown Hero Dog "Romey", of the May 31, 1889, Flood that took 2,202 lives, Real Photo, Tan Slight Curved Mount, Good Condition, Clear sharpe Image, Nice Dark Sepia Tones, no major defects in view or mount, some light streaks to left photo, some signs of usage and age on mount and corner edges. Nice Vintage Sepia View!