Serengeti 6962 Zina Polarized Sunglasses NEW

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Excellent Customer Service Fast Shipping Serengeti 6962 Zina Polarized Sunglasses NEW Brand New Serengeti 6962 Zina Polarized PhotoChromatic Sunglasses. Serengeti Cosmopolitan sunglasses offer a most amazing mixture of elegance and functionality. Every bit of Serengeti technology is infused into these elegant frames. After all, seeing exceptionally well is just as important as looking exceptional. Combining Serengeti patented Spectral Control filters and photochromic properties with the most optically correct and technically efficient polarizing film, these lenses offer the most advanced technology in a sunglass, period. Drivers Polarized lenses enhance your vision regardless of the weather conditions. Automatically adjusting to changing light, the lenses range from 18% light transmittance in the lightened state to 10% light transmittance in the darkened state. They absorb 100% of the UVB and 99.5% of the UVA rays. Antireflective coating on the reverse side of the lenses reduces back reflection.Suggested Price is $185

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Shiny Black Frames
Polarized Photochromatic Glass Driver Lens
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