Sergio Bustamante Rainbow Sun Earring Set, Perfect !!!

SergioBustamante Rainbow Sun Earring Set, Perfect pieces!

This is a rare and great opportunity to own some genuine works of art from the world renowned Mexican Artist, Sergio Bustamante. While these lovely pieces are not new, they appear to have never been worn. Everything about them is perfect. The painting and detailing on each of these earrings is amazing. Obviously very close attention was paid right down to the each individual rays that extend from the center of each piece. One of them has been signed by the artist himself on the sterling silver back. Additionally, t are the other traditional markings, .925 Mex. Somew I have the matching ring and pendant for this set so watch my listings if you are interested. I will list them as I locate them.

Sergio Bustamante continues to make very high-end, high quality jewelry. Most of it is very pretty, some of it is even semi-affordable but they pale in comparison to the older vintage pieces. Sergio and his minions tended to pay close attention to the details and colors used in the vintage pieces was the beautiful yet expensive pieces in this year’s collection lean toward all metal pieces. As stated earlier, they are great looking pieces but lack that certain je ne sais quoi that these older vintage pieces have/had.

These colorful original Rainbow Sun Earrings will
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