(2) Series 1963 RED SEAL $2 Two Dollar Bills CRISP XF

inherited all my Mom's things over 15 years ago, she would be 90 if she were today. I packed up everything and put away. These bills along with others I found in her safety deposit box w she had been keeping them.
Please look at the scans and grade the bills for yourself as these are the actual bills you will receive. I do not attach a grade to the bill or coin as grading is very subjective and I am by no means an expert. Both notes are crisp. According to information I obtained online that defines condition (see below), I would say that these notes are extremely fine/extra fine. However, this is just my opinion, it is up to you to make your own final determination.
Series 1963 $2 Two Dollar United States Notes, exhibiting the Red US Treasury Seal and the signatures of Granahan/Dillon. I will mail them between cardboard for protection.
EXTREMELY FINE (EF/XF): A very attractive note, with light handling. May have a maximum of three light folds or one strong crease. Paper is clean and bright with original sheen. Corners may show only the slightest evidence of
rounding. T may also be the slightest sign of wear w a fold meets the edge.
NOTE: Most of my pictures are taken with a magnifying lens giving me clear, close up photos. This tends to also magnify minor flaws on item which many times cannot be seen on
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