Serpentera Lord Zedd's Power Zord Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Up for auction is Lord Zedd's Power Zord: Serpentera from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Serpentera demands attention and needs to be the centerpiece of your collection. She stands over 17" tall and when it is fully extended in it's "flight mode" it is almost 30" long.
She is in great condition. The stickers aren't peeling at all, the plastic shows no wear. All the gold bling on her shoulders and hands look great. This toy comes in two pieces, the main body and the tail, it comes this way from the factory for shipping and boxing purposes.
*READ* The connection between the the body and the tail is loose. The plastic at the rump that holds the joint that holds the tail in place cracked, and some flat pieces of the plastic at the base of the joint broke off. Now there is a gap and it feels loose. It is still connected, and a gentle push inward closes the gap when you put it on display, standing or in flight mode. Keep in mind that the imperfection is not visible, you can not see where it broke because it is in between the connection, even if you pull the gap apart to examine it, you can hardly see it. Let me emphasize that it is still attached, and will not come off, it just feels loose and I advise you do not try to pull it apart even if it once was two pieces.
See the last picture, you can see a gap, the gap
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