Sessions Eight Day Wall Clock made for Mutual Trading

Sorry about the photo in gallary - It seems to crop it and I don't know how to correct it.
First - I am not a dealer or collector.
I found this clock in a building I am renovating.
I currently use the computer at a library, so I might not be able to return inquiries except on most weekdays.
I can only ship USPO from this small town unless YOU arrange another method of pickup.
We can estimate the shipping cost and if t is any extra it will be returned to you. NO HIDDEN COSTS!
I will try to describe it the best I can.
I will use works like good and exceptional. Theese are my impression as a novice.
Nothing is intentionally misrepresented.
The closck is presented in a AS IS condition.
The cabinet or case for the box is in good shape except t is a piece missing on one side and a couple of pieces broken off and missing.
The overall dimensions are about 23 x 14
The box itself measures aprox. 8 x 15 x 3
T is a hook on the back.
T is a paper on the back that has titles and directions. (About 1/8 of it is missing.)
It has titles like -
Eight Day -iking- Arm
Mutual T---ding Inc.
The Sessions Clock Co. Fores...... USA
The rest is directions for for setting etc.
The door is glass with wood trim. The trim is all t Portions of the gold design on
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