NEW Set of 10 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Spin Fighter Tops & Launcher

New Set of Mighty Morphin Spinfighters and Power Launcher. The 10 packages include the following spinfighters:

Mammoth Dinozord & Polluticorn

Blue Ranger & Hatchling

Pink Ranger & Knight In Shiny Mirrors

Alpha 5 & Goldar

T-Rex Dinozord & Bones

Megazord & Pine Octopus

Yellow Ranger & King Sphinx

Titanus & Baboo

Black Ranger & Finster

Megadragonzord & Thornos

The power launcher (new in package) comes with the Red Ranger & Rita Repulsa spinfighters.

All of these are new in original packages. THREE OF THE PACKAGES HAVE CREASES/DAMAGE TO CARDBOARD THIS IS SHIWN IN THE PICS. Thank you for looking and feel free to ask questions.